FtF-kalender 2003:
World Wide Face to Face Events: April 2003

Here are all of the 2003 Diplomacy tournaments that
have been reported so far. If you know of any events
that we've missed, please speak up, and I'll make
the correction for future updates.

National or International Championship events are
specified. European Grand Prix and Bismark Cup
events are specified as such. Events in North
America are presumed to be included in the North
American Grand Prix.

NETHERLANDS - April 5-6th - Uthecht
DomDipCon - More : ronald.lokers@hccnet.nl
Second Leg of the European Grand Prix

FRANCE - April 5-6th - Strasbourg
Open Ponto - More : fredegone.hendrake@netcourrier.com

FRANCE - April 11-13th - Argentiere
Open Argentière - More: Iancowburn2@aol.com

SWEDEN - April 17-20th - Göteborg
GothCon - More: patrikcarlsson@telia.com

AUSTRALIA - April 18-20th - Melbourne
Victorian Championship - More: d.currell@ugrad.unimelb.edu.au
Second Leg of the Bismark Cup

ISRAEL - April 18-20th - Tel Aviv
Israel Dipcon III - More: shlomiya@yahoo.com
Israel NDC and Third Leg of the European Grand Prix

BELGIUM - April 18-20th - Namur
Diplonam - More: sderdi@yahoo.com
Belgium NDC 

FINLAND - April 25-27th - Helsinski
FinDipCon V - More : vesvir@utu.fi
Fourth Leg of the European Grand Prix.

USA - April 25-27th - Portland, Oregon
PiggyBack DipCon IV - More: matt@piggybackdip.org

SOUTH AFRICA - Early May - South Africa
South African NDC - More: leogends@iafrica.com 
or wargames@iafrica.com

FRANCE - May 4th - Paris
Paris Cup, step 3 - More : chevrot_joseph@hotmail.com

SAN MARINO - May 1-4th - San Marino
San Marino Con '03. - More : gceccoli@omniway.sm
Twelfth European Diplomacy Championship 
Fifth Leg of the European Diplomacy Grand Prix

USA - May 23-26th - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
DixieCon XVII - More: dhood@PHD-LAW.COM

SWEDEN - May 28-June 1st - Linköping
Lincon - More: patrikcarlsson@telia.com

AUSTRALIA - June 7-9th - Sydney
New South Wales Championship - More: craigsed@ozemail.com.au
Third Leg of the Bismark Cup

USA - June 21-22nd - Boston
Boston Massacre - More: Melissa_Nicholson@dfci.harvard.edu

NORWAY - June 27-29th - Oslo
Norwegian Diplomacy Championship - More: ndf@diplomacy.no
Norway NDC and European Grand Prix Event

CANADA - July - Victoria, British Columbia
Victoria Open - More: gottme1@shaw.ca

NEW ZEALAND - July 12-13th - Auckland
Auckland Championship - More: grant_steel@roadshow-films.co.nz
Fourth Leg of the Bismark Cup

USA - July 26-28th - Baltimore
World Boardgaming Championships - More: JimdOzz@aol.com

USA - August 15-17th - Seattle
Dragonflight - More: BuzEddy@aol.com

CANADA - August 15-17th - Scarborough, Ontario
Can-Con - More: nithgrove@on.aibn.com

IRELAND - August 22-25th - Dublin
BourCon - More: Fearghal.ODonnchu@life.friendsfirst.ie
European Grand Prix Event

SWEDEN - September 19-21st - Stockholm
Swedish National Championship - More: sm2003@unionen.org
Sweden NDC and European Grand prix Event

GERMANY - October 2-5th - Waldkappel-Gehau
German DipCon VII - More: info@dipcon.de
European Grand Prix Event

USA - October 10-12th - Silver Springs, Maryland
Tempest in a Teapot V - More: landruajm@netscape.net
This is the 2003 North American DipCon

NORWAY - Mid October - Bergen
RegnCon X - More: ndf@diplomacy.no

USA - October 24-26th - Vermont
Carnage - More: JimdOzz@aol.com

NEW ZEALAND - October 25-27th - Auckland
New Zealand Championship - More: willb@esp.co.nz
New Zealand NDC and Fifth Leg of the Bismark Cup

NORWAY - November 7-9th - Trondheim
HexCon 2003 - More: ndf@diplomacy.no

FRANCE - November - Paris
French Championship - More: yclouet@9online.fr
France NDC and European Grand Prix Event

AUSTRALIA - November or December - Wollongong
GongCon - More: http://www.daanz.org.au/dip-tournaments.htm
Sixth Leg of the Bismark Cup

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