~ Greetings from the Secretary General

Frank Johansen 

We would like to welcome our international visitors to the website of the Norwegian Diplomacy Association. It is a Norwegian language site, so this introductory page will be one of the few made available in English.

The Association was founded by Borger Borgersen in the first half of the 1990s to unite Norwegian diplomacy players. The Association functioned well for a few years, but later it became inactive. "Backstabber", NDA's Zine edited by Borgersen, was issued regularly in the period 1990-1998. NDA, lead by Borger Borgersen and Bjørn Tore Sund, also organized the EDC IV (report in English) in Oslo, June 1996. In a way, this was the Golden Age of Norwegian Diplomacy: Inge Kjøl became the first and only double European Champion in 1995 and 1996. Norway fielded a team of 3 diplomats (Borgersen, Kjøl and Eskeland) in the 1995 Paris WorldDipCon, where Eskeland was the best (8th place) non-francophone player. Borger Borgersen took 3rd place in the 1997 Gothenburg WorldDipCon as well as being a member of the winning team. In the mid-90s Anund Rannestad initiated the "Rannestad Convention". NDA has now been inactive for about 2 to 3 years, although we're certain that quite a bit of Diplomacy has been played in Norway. In the autumn of 1999, a Norwegian team signed up for the "1999 World Masters E-mail Diplomacy" tournament. At this venue, the idea of reviving the NDA was born. A foundation meeting was held Februar 28, 2000. A new board was elected and new statutes adopted. 

NDA is now starting up again. This will be a gradual process, and the first step has been to secure this domain as a permanent home for the Association. We would now like to recruit more members and promote the game of Diplomacy amongst Norwegians. At this site we will publish information, that we hope will be of interest to Norwegian diplomats. Some time this year, we'll organize the first Norwegian E-mail Diplomacy Championship. In the future, we would also like to contribute to more organized forms of playing FtF in Norway, encouraging the formation of local clubs and arranging tournaments. We invite both beginners as well as players that have played before to join an e-mail game. Contact us and we will arrange for a game master and advice you how to get started playing via the internet. 

Finally, we would like to invite YOU to become a member of the Association. NDA will establish a forum of discussion for the Norwegian hobby, we would like to give our members the opportunity to participate in Norwegian language games and we wish to help new players develop their skills. 

Frank Johansen 

Contact Information: 
The NDA is web-based. You may contact us by E-mail at ndf@diplomacy.no    You can sign up for membership here at any time. The membership fee is NOK 100 as of February, 2000.

Our organisation number, in the Register for Legal Entities under the Norwegian Ministry of Justice, is: 981 945 565

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